POUCH n°080 : “Concorde”

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Genderless pouch made of diagonal stripped jacquard with light and dark beige “CONCORDE” inscriptions ;

. Snapped flap
. Patches in dark purple lambskin embossed of a crocodile pattern
. Shoulder strap made of rectangular metal links bandaged of dark purple leather, patent purple eel leather and khaki green suede
. Inside and Piped edges in a dark brown pleather

Dimensions :

. 25 x 34,5 cm

About our process :

. Sourced from “O’PLUS” antique shop in Anglet, and left over scraps of leather.
. It took 2 hours to make this bag in Paris, France.

Composition and Care :

. 25% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 40% Polyurethane, 10% Leather.
. Dry cleaning advised.
. Do not Tumble dry or use any type of artificial heat.
. Never use any type of agressive detergent or bleach.

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