half-hoop earring n°199


Half-hoop earring made of upcycled elements, zirconias and sterling silver.


Demi créole façonnée d’éléments upcyclés, de zircones et d’argent 925.

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Half-hoop earring made of sterling silver ;

. Asymmetrical pendent comprised of several rings, pearls, upcycled metallic elements in stainless steel


Boucle d'oreille façonné d'une demi-créole en argent 925 ;

. Pendant asymétrique composé de plusieurs anneaux, perles et éléments métalliques upcyclés en acier inoxydable


Get inspiration here or from the editorial looks of ALL THAT WANDERS - CHAPTER 1
Inspirez-vous des silhouettes éditoriales de la collection ALL THAT WANDERS - CHAPTER 1 

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm

60% Sterling Silver, 40% Stainless Steel, GEMSTONE : 100% Zirconia, OTHER MATERIALS : 100% Resin


Polish with a soft cloth or suede

About our process

Handmade in Paris (France)

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