BOB n°100 : “Side Show”


Bob with a bell hat cut made of upcycled tapestry samples with powder pink, red, midnight blue, storm grey and cream geometrical velvet patterns ;

. Coronary yoke and 8 panels
. Lapel made of 4 yokes

Dimensions :

. Size 64 cm

About our process :

. Leftovers from tapestry sample, and leftovers of the jacket n°042.
. It took 4 hours and 18 minutes to make this hat in Paris, France.

Composition and Care :

. 50% Polyester, 50% Cotton.
. Wash with a washing machine’s “cotton” cycle at 30° or below.
. No tumble dry, air dry flat or hanged.
. Never use any type of agressive detergent or bleach.
. Iron at high heat under a (slightly damp) cloth if needed. Tips : try not to apply too much pressure onto the velvet.

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